I've never done yoga before. What if I'm not flexible?

The postures in the Bikram Yoga series have been selected specifically to accommodate all levels of health and fitness, all levels of flexibility and all levels of yoga experience. This is a therapeutic series designed to help regain and rebuild strength, flexibility and a better state of health, all of which can be compromised due to the natural aging process, injury, illness, or sedentary lifestyle.

Why is it so HOT?!

Don’t be afraid of the heat! Current students love this yoga, and new students fear this yoga for the same reason: ah, yes . . . the heat! The heat is not meant to make the class hard. It is a tool that helps the body’s physiological and biochemical processes work exponentially more efficiently.

The heat provides many benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Warms your muscles, allowing you to work deeper more safely
  • Helps flood your blood and muscles with oxygen, allowing for better delivery of healing nutrients to the muscles and removal of waste
  • Helps stimulate your lymphatic system (from lymphatic nodes) to remove waste products and remove “puffiness”
  • Helps improve your concentration, focus, and awareness of yourself
  • It makes you “pay attention”
  • Helps improve your overall sense of well-being
I'm pretty overweight. Can I still come to class?

ABSOLUTELY! We have students of all shapes and sizes. Excess weight can result from any number of things: poor diet, hormonal imbalance, underactive thyroid, or inactivity just to name a few. We focus on making our internal body systems work better so that we move towards a better state of health:

  • Stimulation of our lymphatic system (from our lymph nodes) to increase removal of waste and reduce “puffiness”
  • Improved breathing to better provide oxygen to our lungs, blood, and muscles
  • Movement of all of our joints to minimize the sometimes debilitating symptoms of arthritis
  • Stimulation of the thyroid and parathyroid glands to help boost fat-burning metabolic rate
I have high blood pressure and diabetes. I'm afraid.

If your high blood pressure and diabetes are under control through medication or diet management, it is perfectly safe to come to class. Students who are on medications for these chronic conditions and who practice on a regular basis sometimes find they are able to lower the dosages of, or even eliminate some of their medications.

How often should I take class?

This series was designed as a therapeutic modality. Unlike other forms of physical conditioning, “more is better,” so you can practice this yoga everyday. In fact, the more regularly and frequently you practice, the better you will feel, and the more progression you will see in your practice, changing your mind and body … class by class, posture by posture, breath by breath.