New Students

Be sure to read through all the links on this page. This will provide you with enough information to help make your introduction to Bikram Yoga a smooth one. If you still have questions, or if you have a specific health issue about which you are concerned, please don’t hesitate to EMAIL us.

When you’re ready, just select one of the INTRODUCTORY OFFERS below, and you’re on your way! If you’re not sure what you would like to purchase for your first class, we’d be happy to help you when you arrive for your class.

We look forward to meeting you.

Introductory Offers

We offer two Introductory Packages for New Students.

Take as many classes as you can during your introductory package. You will immediately feel the difference. Keeping in mind that it is best to take class on a regular basis as you begin your Bikram Yoga​ practice, the best and most economical Introductory Package is the Introductory 1-Month Unlimited Package.