Studio Etiquette & Policies


The yoga room is intended to be a quiet zone. Please refrain from talking in the yoga room. Many students use the time before and after class to luxuriate in the quiet of an otherwise noisy and hectic day.

Classes are 90 minutes. If, on occasion, you need to leave a few minutes early, please inform the teacher prior to the start of class and place your mat near the door so you can slip out quietly.

Leaving the room during class should be limited to emergencies. If you absolutely must leave the room, do so between postures, not while other students are in posture. Also, return to the class between postures. As your mother always said, “Be sure to ‘go’ ahead of time.”

Likewise, when drinking water, please drink between postures, not while other students are in posture.

Practice stillness in the body and stillness in the mind between postures (this may be the hardest part of your class in the beginning).

Please respect our practice, and refrain from substituting the postures in this series with postures from other methods of yoga. If you wish to practice postures from other methods, feel free to do so after the final savasana.

No social conversations during class, please. Giving your vocal cords a rest will help “still” your mind.

Don’t be embarrassed if you fall out of postures or have to sit down. Stuff happens . . . ALL THE TIME . . . !

Please leave the room quietly at the end of class. Respect your fellow students as they continue to observe silence after the final savasana.

If using our shower facilities, please keep your shower brief so that everyone can get to where they need to be on time.


Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of class, not “just in time.” so that you can settle in without rushing. New students will not be allowed in once a class has started.

Cell phones are generally not permitted in the yoga room. If however you are on call or have a sick child, please inform the teacher prior to class. You will be asked to mute your phone.

It is our strictest policy that you try to have fun! All kidding aside, this is not a race or a competition. It’s just yoga, and it is meant to be therapeutic and healing. Enjoy feeling your body move in wonderful ways it might never have before!